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5 ‘Heart-Healthy’ Products That Are Damaging Your Health

Published on October 17, 2013,

Jimmy Moore has written a provocative article in CarbSmart magazine warning about so-called “Heart-Healthy” foods and why they might not be as good for your cardiovascular system as the manufacturers make out. 5 products in particular are then highlighted for concern. This is an extract from CarbSmart…

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…Here’s the reality people: We are being heavily influenced by some very slick and savvy marketing strategies being used by food, drug, and supplement companies to make their products appear as something worth purchasing all under the guise that they are somehow “heart-healthy.” From a promotional standpoint, this tactic is brilliant. Convince the consumer they need your product by underscoring all the supposed health benefits they will receive from purchasing and consuming it and you’ve got the recipe for a profitable widget. That’s Marketing 101 for any business.

When it comes to these “heart-healthy” claims, it generally boils down to three primary things: the product is low in dietary fat and cholesterol, high in the so-called “good” fiber-based carbohydrates, and/or it tends to lower your LDL and total cholesterol. That’s the honest truth about what most of the companies are saying when they put “heart-healthy” on their products. But could some of these products perhaps be doing more harm than good to your health than you even realize? Absolutely. And that’s why you need to be discerning about separating the marketing from the desired results. I’ll help you do that in this column.

Here are 5 common examples of products widely considered “heart-healthy” that are probably not as good for your ticker as you might think:

1. Turkey Bacon/Lean Meats/Tofu

2. Whole Grain Bread/Pasta/Cereal/Oatmeal

3. Vegetable Oils/Margarine

4. Egg Whites/Soy Milk/Skim Milk

5. Statin Drugs/Red Yeast Rice/Niacin/Plant Sterols

See the full article and the reasoning behind singling out these 5 product groups in CarbSmart: 5 ‘Heart-Healthy’ Products That Are Damaging Your Health

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