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Success: Dez’s Low Carb Story So Far – Down 44lbs in 3 Months

Published on January 5, 2013,

Dez has been in touch to let us know how he has been getting on with his low carb diet which he and his partner Megan started a few months ago.  The bottom line is that he has lost 44lbs in three months and is looking and feeling a lot better. He says this is no longer a diet and instead is a lifestyle. Dez and Megan did a lot of research on low carb diets before starting and he has shared a lot of what he has learnt on his blog Here’s an extract…

Dez's weight loss - updated at

Dez’s weight loss – updated at

Getting Started

Megan’s Mom (Linda) is really the one we thank for all of this. She’s the one that got preachy at Megan to change her eating habits. Linda originally heard about low-carb high fat diet eight years ago. She was extremely successful and lost 75 pounds in a year. But due to the lack of a support system and readily available knowledge (aka the Internet); once she reached a weight that she was happy with she introduced carbohydrates back into her diet. Within a year she put on all the weight she had lost.

Fast forward 5 years to late summer 2011 she was disappointed in herself for not being healthy and was asked by a friend if she wanted to do Atkins. After some self-reflection and research she started it again. 14 months later she’s back to a weight she hasn’t seen since 1974 (before her first pregnancy).

It’s no longer a diet for her. It’s a lifestyle.

Changing Our Minds

Megan and I had been half listening to Linda talk about low carb for the entire time she’s been on it and she’s talked about how good she feels while on it. But it wasn’t until we watched “Fat Head” that the idea of low carb started resonating.

Keep in mind, we’ve been gluten free since October (Megan since September) and we’d already dealt with the cravings for anything that has gluten in it (bread and pretty much anything in the middle aisles of the grocery store). Megan now had to deal with her sugar addiction head on… and I needed to stop eating rice.


The food in here will only last a week. This is the view the night of a grocery trip.

Our grocery list has gone from a list of highly processed foods to pretty much 100% whole foods. A quick scan of our grocery list reveals that the only real processed foods that we buy is stevia (for fat bombs) and our salad dressing. Everything else has a single ingredient listed. Gone are the apples, carrots, and all the other root vegetables. Hello bacon, 75/25 ground beef, pork chops, whole chickens, cooking in bacon grease, fried eggs, sautéed everything, and anything else that you’re not supposed to eat a lot/any of on the standard low fat diets.

The net effect of it so far is 40 pounds lost since October 2012 for me (11% body weight) and 24 pounds lost since switching to low carb.

There are three major switches that have happened besides going low carb. The first switch was the amount of food I eat. I’m now happy with how much I eat and rarely snack between meals. Breakfasts has gone from a few butter-fried salted eggs with cheese, low-sodium V8, toast & butter, and a glass of milk to a few bacon-grease fried eggs with cheese with sautéed spinach & kale.

Previously if I ate breakfast at 7:30 I would be hungry by 10 and raid the candy drawer at work or eat whatever someone brought in (can you say bagels?). Now I sometimes coast through lunch not even realizing that noon has come and gone. If it wasn’t for eating at home everyday for lunch I’d probably skip it more often.

This is a very important point. I need to remind myself to eat lunch. I’ve never had that problem before and now it’s a completely new problem. If I skip lunch I’ll know it later because I’m ravenous due to the limited amount of calories that I’ve had during the day. The biggest difference between then and now for me is that my stomach doesn’t feel hungry like it used to. It’s a different kind of hunger; more like a gentle reminder that can’t be ignored instead of the “I’m going to die if I don’t get a whole pizza” type of hunger.

I can now taste the salt in my food. I wasn’t salting anything more than before, but now I noticed it and have since switched to not salting my food at all (since salt is found naturally in everything I’m eating).

The last switch was my craving for water. I don’t keep track of how much I drink, but I can pinpoint the days on my weight loss chart where I haven’t drank enough water the day before (hint: It’s that days that slightly uptick). As was evidenced by my recent uptick on the two days before Christmas. We had family events and I didn’t drink enough water. I didn’t eat more food on those days, I just didn’t have my normal level of water.

Read Jez’s full story and keep up with his progress at:  Low Carb – High Fat (LCHF) Lifestyle and My Family

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