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Don’t Be Fooled – 6 Healthy Sugars That Can Kill You

Published on December 11, 2013,

The excellent website Authority Nutrition has an interesting article looking at the dangers of so-called “healthy” sugar-based sweeteners and why they are as bad – or even worse – than normal sugar. Here are extracts of six in particular they flag up to be wary of…


Sugar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar (often called Agave syrup) is a very popular sweetener in the natural health community.

This sweetener is touted as a healthy alternative to sugar because it has a low glycemic index…

But the harmful effects of sugar have very little to do with the glycemic index and everything to do with the large amount of fructose… and Agave is high in fructose…

Gram for gram, agave nectar is actually much, much worse than regular sugar.

2. Raw Organic Cane Sugar

…Do not let the name deceive you… this is just sugar.

Organically grown sugar is still sugar and whether it is “raw” or not doesn’t make any difference…

For all intents and purposes, raw, organic cane sugar is completely identical to regular sugar.

3. Evaporated Cane Juice

…Don’t be fooled by the name… evaporated cane juice is just a fancy name for sugar.

This is plain deception by the food manufacturers, done in order to hide the true sugar content of foods from the consumer.

4. Brown Sugar

When sugar is made, molasses form as a by-product.

Sometimes, after the sugar has been refined and processed, small amounts of molasses are added back into it.

This gives the sugar a brown color and it is then called brown sugar.

Molasses are about 50% sugar, but they also contain a small amounts of minerals (14).

Put simply, brown sugar is regular sugar diluted with a slightly less unhealthy, less concentrated sugar…

5. Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is derived from the sap (sugary circulating fluid) of the coconut plant.

The manufacturing method is very natural… it simply involves extracting the sugary fluid, then allowing the water to evaporate…

Due to the slightly smaller amount of fructose than sugar, and the tiny amounts of fiber and nutrients, you could say that coconut sugar is less unhealthy than regular sugar, gram for gram.

However… being “less unhealthy” than sugar does NOT make it healthy.

6. Honey

Honey contains some nutrients… including antioxidants and trace amounts of vitamins and minerals (18).

It is about 80% sugar, by weight (19).

That being said, several studies have compared honey and plain sugar and noted that honey had slightly less harmful effects on metabolism (2021).

Like coconut sugar, honey is “less bad” than regular sugar.

But again… being less bad than sugar doesn’t make it good…

Read the full article from Authority Nutrition at: 6 Healthy Sugars That Can Kill You

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