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Enjoy a Cheat Day But Struggle With Cravings The Rest of the Week? Now There’s An App For That!

Published on March 28, 2013,

A new iPhone app – called Cheat Day App – claims to help people who allow themselves a weekly cheat day overcome and resist cravings they feel the rest of the week but taking photos of their cravings and journalling them…

The idea of a cheat day – one day a week where you are unconstrained by your normal regime – has been popularised by Tim Ferris in his slow carb diet (see The 4 Hour Body). It’s also recommended by others in the low carb/paleo world as a way of ‘re-setting’ the body after several days of low carbing and stopping it ‘acclimatising’ to a low carb intake.

As well as possible physiological benefits, a cheat day can also help someone deal with any sense of deprivation they have on a restricted diet because they are no longer forbidden anything – they just have to wait for cheat day.

Others disagree with the idea of a cheat day, but for those who are following the approach a new app claims to help users ‘kills junk food urges’ that arise during the non-cheat days…

Here’s some blurb from the Cheat day App website…

The Cheat Day App combines the science of habit changing with the effectiveness of’journaling’ to provide users with a tool that kills junk food urges.

Keep track of your ‘Cheat Days’ by taking pictures of the foods which tempt you so you can delay actually eating them. By keeping track of your junk food cravings, you can kill your eating urges, and then indulge when your Cheat Day arrives.

We will replace your bad habit of ‘cheating’ on your diet when you shouldn’t, with a journaling system that gives you the power to change your habits so you’re ‘cheating’ on your diet when you should.

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