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Grain Brain – Are Wheat, Sugar and Other Carbs Helping Cause Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease?

Published on September 17, 2013,

Neurologist Dr David Perlmutter has written a new book called Grain Brain in which he argues that wheat, sugar and carbohydrate are ‘secret killers’ of the brain at least partially responsible for the fact that neurological disease is the most quickly expanding cause of death, and symptoms are starting at younger ages (even earlier than 55). This is an extract of a review of Grain Brain by Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb’s Jimmy Moore…

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter MD

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter MD

As someone who follows the very latest information on nutritional health through my work at “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb,” most of what I read in Grain Brain was not new to me. But for the general public who has unfortunately not been enlightened to this yet, the idea that the consumption of carbohydrates, even from the so-called healthy sources such as whole grains, is directly responsible for destroying the brain is mind-blowing! With people dutifully consuming copious amounts of these “healthy” whole grains along with the Standard American Diet consisting of other carbohydrate-rich foods such as refined flours, sugars and starches while simultaneously eschewing truly healthy real, whole brain fuel foods that contain sources of dietary saturated fat and cholesterol (such as eggs and fatty red meats), Dr. Perlmutter puts forth the notion that this has led to debilitating and incurable brain diseases such as dementia. And he says it is completely preventable if we flip the dietary advice we’ve always heard is healthy on its head–cut the carbs and increase the fat in your diet! Because you can’t undo the damage that’s done to your brain once dementia sets it, it is incumbent upon you to take action on this NOW while you still have your mental faculties to do so.

Grain Brain makes a rather compelling case to shift your diet away from the consumption of grains, sugars and other culprit carbohydrates that are leading to the early signs of neurological health problems such as migraines, seizures, mood changes, sexual dysfunction, and ADHD which then progresses to more advanced issues like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. How many of us have watched friends and family members deal with this exact thing and wondered how it could possibly be happening? We chalk it up to old age, but what if what we’re eating right now could be the very thing that leads us down a similar path to neurodegeneration? That’s precisely what this book is trying to help you prevent from happening.

Although blood sugar is generally seen by most people as something only a diabetic needs to be concerned about, Dr. Perlmutter contends that keeping it within a range of 70-100 mg/dL is ESSENTIAL to maintaining proper brain health (and getting a glucometer to test your blood glucose levels is so incredibly easy by getting a monitor from your local Walmart or pharmacy–EVERYONE should own one of these devices and know what their blood sugar is doing). He recommends several other critical health tests you need to be asking your doctor about if you want to protect what’s in that head of yours! As you read through Grain Brain, you’ll begin to realize why these tests are so important, how controlling chronic inflammation is the ultimate goal, what dietary changes are necessary that will very likely go against everything you’ve ever heard before about nutrition and its relationship to your health, and some rather simple things you can do to attain mental stability and literally rehabilitate your brain from the damage you’ve inflicted upon it because of your poor nutritional choices. It may not be too late if you take the advice of this brain health doctor who has seen thousands upon thousands of patients get their life back again by implementing easy dietary changes that radically improved their health and life forever.

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