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Video: How A Low Carb Ketogenic Diet In Combination With Calorie And Protein Restriction Offers New Hope In Cancer Treatment

Published on July 10, 2013,

In a recent interview with Dr Mercola, leading cancer nutrition researcher Professor Thomas Seyfried discussed the benefits of a low carb, high fat, ketogenic diet for the treatment of cancer. Now Dr Mercola has published a follow-up interview with Dr Dominic D’Agostino, an assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, looking at how a ketogenic diet combined with calorie restriction and hyperbaric treatment can offer new hope for a non-toxic cancer treatment…

Some interesting observations from Dr D’Agostino include…

- A ketogenic diet that restricts glucose from cancer cells will harm them whereas healthy cells will be able to switch to obtaining energy from ketone bodies (you starve the cancer cells)

- Calorie restriction in combination with a ketogenic diet appears to offer enhanced benefits – and the ketogenic diet  makes the calorie restriction much easier – if you are eating a high fat, low carb diet you don’t feel so hungry and therefore are likely to eat less

- Protein also should be restricted as too much makes it hard to deplete the glycogen stores from the liver

- The combination of a carbohydrate restricted ketogenic diet, calorie restriction and protein restriction optimises the degree and sustainability of nutritional ketosis and enhances the impact on cancer

See more details and background on this from Dr Mercola at: Ketogenic Diet in Combination with Calorie Restriction and Hyperbaric Treatment Offer New Hope in Quest for Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

Here’s the paper referred to by Dr D’Agostino: The Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Prolong Survival in Mice with Systemic Metastatic Cancer

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