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Video: How Millions of Cows Could Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change

Published on March 22, 2013,

Low carb diets are sometimes criticised for encouraging meat consumption (although you can be a low carb vegetarian) and, in turn, meat consumption is accused of being bad for the environment because livestock is seen by some as an inefficient use of natural resources. However, a recent TED talk by Allan Savory, highlighted by the Diet Doctor, might be about to turn all that on its head…

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Here’s the Diet Doctor’s take on the talk:

Could millions of cows help save the environment? Yes, says Allan Savory, a grassland ecosystem pioneer, in this fantastic new 20 minute TED-talk.

Animals grazing grass, when used right, do not turn grassland into desert. Savory used to belive that, a long time ago, but he’s now realized that was a tragic mistake (in a very personal way). The animals do the opposite. They make the desert green again.

Close to the end he claims that using this technique, turning deserts green again, could possibly bind enough carbon in the ground to make atmospheric carbon levels return to their pre-industrial state.

This would totally reverse climate change. It would feed millions of people. And it would turn grass-eating animals into environmental heroes.

If Savory’s right this is a total game-changer, and he seems to know what he’s talking about. Watch the talk, it’s amazing.

More at:  How Cows Could Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change

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