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Is the LCHF Diet a Threat to Public Health?

Published on August 13, 2013,

Low carb high fat diets (LCHF) have gained considerable popularity in Sweden in recent years but that does not mean they are accepted by the authorities and the media. The Diet Doctor has a post on a media frenzy after claims in a newspaper the diet may be unhealthy…

English Breakfast

It all started with an opinion piece by a few senior fat-fearing professors, in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, called “The popular fat diets are a threat to public health” (link to Google translation).

This exploded into massive headlines in every paper and became the main piece of news on TV (I was on a morning show briefly to discuss it).

The most bizarre thing is that the opinion piece suggests that there’s been an increase in risk of heart disease & stroke in Sweden – and they blame the popularity of LCHF. However, the risk of heart disease and stroke in Sweden is on the contrary going down, faster and faster, according to the latest statistics.

It’s absolutely bizarre how little evidence is needed to trash low-carb diets. What the professors were referring to was a subgroup of people: young women with a very short education. The risk of heart disease for this group has indeed increased – since 1995!

In other words, the increase in butter sales in the 2010s are being blamed for an increase in heart disease risk in the 1990s! I know there are some misconceptions about the dangers of butter, but really, do they now believe that butter can travel through time?

More (including charts) at: Is the LCHF Diet a Threat to Public Health?

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