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Some Tips on How to Stop Feeling Hungry When Dieting from Lean Ape

Published on April 11, 2013,

British couple Dave Turner and Alexis Watkins are behind the low carb health, exercise and lifestyle website Lean Ape and authors of the book “Lean Ape Living”. They are also fans of intermittent fasting. In a recent blog post they give some top tips on how to stop feeling hungry when you are on a diet. Here is an extract from Lean Ape…

Filling Foods

The best advice I can give is to eat foods that fill you up, and keep you feeling full for as long as possible. It is why eating relatively low carb for a number of days a week can be a real eye-opener for a lot of people.

Skipping breakfast can actually mean you are less huungry than if you have bowl of cereal. Many people find that the low after the initial carb rush of a carb based breakfast makes them a lot hungrier than if they had just skipped the meal completely.

But for the rest of the day then protein rich meals can go a really long way to ensuring that the hunger monster is kept at bay. But it is not just protein that is going to satisfy hunger pangs far more readily than many carbohydrate sources, we mustn’t forget the fats. Many people freak out about fat, it’s one of the many scare tactics the food industry seems to have indoctrinated us with. When the reality is that fats from animals can go a long way to improving our diet, helping with weight loss, and stopping us raiding the snack cupboard. If simply eaten in a sensible way.

Fats are filling, provide a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and actually burning away our own body fat, and they taste damn good too.

A successful diet is always going to be one that allows us to enjoy our foods. Keeping fat intake up (especially on non-training days) is going to keep your body in good condition, aid with fat loss, allow you to enjoy what you eat, and also stop you feeling hungry.

Choose nutrient dense foods that are filling when dieting and hunger will basically not be an issue. Rather than anything processed always go for natural soruces of food that make you feel full. It makes all the difference in the world.

Ditch Processed Foods

I think we all know by now that many processed foods contain all manner of ingredients designed to keep us coming back for more. Foods high in sugar basically send messages to the brain that negate the feeling of being full. It is why so many carb based foods (especially simple sugars) should be severely limited if weight loss is the goal.

We don’t want to eat a large meal only to feel hungry again in an hour or two. And processed foods are basically going to do exactly that. Keep them to an absolute minimum, and avoid sugars, and you will notice a marked improvement in your eneregy levels. Plus a significant decrease in feeling hungry relatively soon after eating even a quite large meal.

Empty Cupboards

And this brings us onto one of the simplest ways to stop feeling starving on a diet.

Pay careful attention to exactly what you have in your home when it comes to food. Some people simply obsess about food if they know it is in the house. It is one thing knowing the local supermarket has an aisle of biscuits, it is quite another knowing that you have a cupboard full of hobnobs and the like.

The more you think about food the hungrier you get, and knowing that you have certain foods in the home will make you hungry. Just thinking about a sugary snack is enough to get the brain going into overdrive sending hunger signals for some people. You activate your appetite by thinking about certain foods more than others, and fast acting carbs and sugary foods really will make you feel hungrier.

If you eliminate such temptations from your kitchen then you think about them less, certainly can’t go and nab a sneaky piece of pie, and you will not get as many hunger pangs as if they are simply not an option.

Limit Cardio

Steady state cardio is going to burn minimal calories unless you feel like spending hours a day at it. So the best advice is to simply limit it unless you absolutely love it. Short bursts of HIIT are going to give you more bang for your buck when it comes to weight loss and is a lot less boring too!

Sustained exercise such as jogging and elliptical trainers etc. are simply going to make you hungry. You then have the battle of fighting off extra hunger pangs because of the exercise you did. Better to not put yourself in that situation at all. Work out with weights instead. Build some muscle and help your fat loss goals at the same time.

Drink Lots of Water

You need to fill up that belly, and drinking a lot of water can help to keep the hunger monster at bay. Water is good for you, flushes out the toxins, helps to get rid of that empty feeling, and takes your mind off things too.

See Dave and Alexis’s full article and information about their book at: Hungry When Losing Weight? Here is How to Stop Feeling Hungry When Dieting

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