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Success Story: Meet The New Dan (Down 115 lbs in 4 Months)

Published on January 18, 2013,

Dan got a wake up call when he weighed in at 300 lbs aged 40. He went on a radical low fat diet for 18 months but felt awful and only lost 25 lbs at the best point. Then he heard a podcast and adopted a low carb, paleo approach. Four months later he was down 115 lbs and has kept the weight off ever since. This is Dan’s story from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry…

The new Dan (photo from

The new Dan (photo from

I’m a fairly smart guy. I have a Ph.D. in Rhetoric. I taught college. I like to think.

Which makes it sound really stupid that at age 40 I was 300 lbs. and really had no idea what to do to fix my weight. No idea. I was overweight and unhealthy pretty much all my life — growing up in Kentucky, eating suburban food — and had tried forever to fix my weight issues myself. It wasn’t until I realized that I was ignorant — I’m from Kentucky, you would think I would recognize ignorance — and that I had no idea what to do — until I literally said to myself, “I’m being stupid!” — that anything changed for me. I had to do something different than what I had been trying over and over, which was basically eat less of the same food, and get more cardio.

So I went looking around in the media and saw that vegans were getting a lot of play, and specifically this guy John Mcdougall (via Bill Clinton), was doing something “different.” That was definitely a different way of eating, super low fat, no meat, lots of grain, fruit, vegetables. I’ll go radical, I thought, I’ll try that food. So I switched everything, dove right into it, ate like that for 18 mos.. And felt awful — hungry, bloated, lethargic, moody, with gout pain. I lost weight, about twenty-five pounds, but then started gaining it back.

So, back to looking around, but this time, I went to the small small media — podcasts. And found Robb Wolf’s stuff. And listened. And knew immediately, oh, this fits me waaay better. I’m a dude. This is actual food. And somewhat normal people. And they lift weights. There’s no airy/agey “morality” driving this, it’s just, “Hey, there’s a science-logic here, it’s probably better to avoid these foods, and eat these foods.”

That was my second big food change. And I knew immediately it was right. My weight dropped in about four months down to where it is now, around 185. I stopped weighing, in fact, because I don’t care. I look right, I dropped multiple pants sizes, and I’m not hungry all the time.

And I’m a comedian for a living, so I started talking about this stuff on stage, and it grew, and grew, and I learned more and more, and the ex-professor in me kept organizing and explaining the information, and the comedian in me kept turning it into comedy, until it was a one-man show about, essentially, Paleo eating.

That’s it.

More (including Dan’s ‘before photo) at:  I’m a dude. This is actual food.

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