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Success story: 8 Months Paleo – Robert Lost 70 Pounds At 60 Years Young

Published on December 13, 2012,

Robb Wolf has posted an inspiring new testimonial on his blog from a fan and reader called Robert who, aged 60, has lost 70lbs after eight months on a low carb paleo diet after failing to lose weight previously despite lots of exercise and attempts at dieting. His wife has lost 27lbs too and both have experienced health benefits…

My son is a Cross fit type, and we were traveling across the state to a job one weekend.  I had not really seen him for months (I am 60 and he is 35), and had a great conversation where he told me about the Paleo diet, and played several pod casts from Robb Wolf’s site.  By the time I returned to the house I was sold on trying this plan.  My wife and I were walking from 6 to 9 miles every morning.  We hiked, kayaked, mtn biked, but could not seem to lose any weight.  She had tried Weight Watchers to no avail because her calorie intake was always considerably below what they thought she should have to lose weight.  Eating more just seemed stupid.  And even with all the exercise, I had reached a scary 278 lbs and was having to take blood pressure medication.  She was not truly heavy, but hoped for 10 lbs or so to make her clothes fit more comfortably.

I read all the Robb Wolf stuff I could find, and then listened to Gary Taubes lectures before attacking everything Ernie Garcia had posted on  It just made sense that 100 calories of broccoli would not behave the same way in one’s system as 100 calories of Cheetos.  So about May 5th we started the 30 day Paleo challenge.  No cheating at all on either of our parts for 30 days.  My loss was 16 pounds in that time and hers about 8lbs.

We have been Paleo now for about 8 months. If we are at someone’s home, we eat what is served, but otherwise allow ourselves a slice of pizza every two weeks or so.  We figure 95% or so strict paleo, mostly cooking our own meals.  We have continued our exercising, but credit our dietary changes for our astounding physical changes.  The first things we noticed were a lack of pain in her lower back, and no swellings in my hands from arthritis!  First time her back was pain free in over two years.  The weight started to drop off, and even when it would plateau for a couple of weeks we noticed our belt sizes changing.  My wife has lost about 27 pounds.  She sleeps much better, and feels great in her clothes.   She did not start out heavy, but is now wearing hip hugger jeans and a belt left over from college.  Remember we are both 60!  I have lost 70 lbs so far.  My waist has decreased from 50” to 40” and people do not recognize me when they see me.

One of the biggest challenges has been keeping up with business clothing that fits.  My wife will look at a shirt, frown and put it on the give away pile.  I have to keep buying jackets.  I have made do with a skeleton wardrobe till some of this permanently stabilizes.  My cholesterol fell 30 points in 6 months, most of the blood pressure meds have been discontinued by the doctor, and we both have more energy than ever before.

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