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Success Story: Javier Lost 100lbs in Six Months and Feels Great About Eating for the First Time In His Life

Published on August 1, 2013,

Ancestral Weight Loss Registry has a great case history from Javier who had always been overweight (250lbs in his senior year) until he cut out the carbs. At first he was worried a diet without carbs would be unhealthy but discovering paleo has changed all that…

The Old Javier

The Old Javier

I was fat since I can remember. I grew up in a household that always ate out, didn’t even know how to cook (except instant meals like mac & cheese), hated vegetables, and everyone was obese. All through middle-school and high-school, I was “the fat kid” and suffered the abuse of my classmates and all the insecurities that came with it. On my senior year I weighed above 250 lbs and thought of going to college like that sickened me.

I decided college would be a new start for me so halfway through my senior year I cut out all carbs based on the Atkins recommendation. At the same time I cut out all fast food and sodas, I haven’t looked back since. I immediately felt better. I breathed more easily, I was more energized, and clothes were looser for the first time in my entire life. People kept telling me how much better I looked, and truth is I hadn’t even weighed myself once since I began the whole change. It got to the point where my classmates started spreading the rumor that i was anorexic, to which I laughed to because I was eating more comfortably than ever. About a month after I started, I felt so much more energized that I decided to go running at nights; soon half a mile became a mile, and a mile became two. I lost a little over a 100 lbs in about 6 months, and though I think it was a bit too fast, I believe the exercise helped tighten my skin, avoiding the excess flabby skin that happens usually when weight loss is too rapid. Exercise also helped me keep the weight off by creating new habits and and improved metabolism.

Javier today

Javier today

After I lost the weight I started including carbs back up into my diet, out of fear based on Conventional Wisdom that lack of carbs could kill me. So I struggled on after that, watching what I ate, the amount, the calories, avoiding sweets as best I could. My weighed has gone up and down many times, and I’ve never been able to achieve the body I desire.

Recently, nonetheless, I discovered CrossFit and Paleo, which have changed my life. Paleo has multiplied the results I had in high-school, and it has taught me to eat vegetables. I have lost most of the stubborn fat that I hadn’t been able to lose for 7 years, and have become more active now than ever. I feel great about eating for the first time in my life; I actually know that what I’m eating isn’t only healthy, but making me healthier! I love Paleo because it has given me a new lifestyle, one that makes me want to go out and do things, instead of sitting at home watching TV and feeling guilty about what I eat.

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