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Success Story: From Obese To Marathon Runner Via Keto

Published on December 5, 2013,

By the time he reached his late 40′s Mark was obese and suffering from hypertension. By limiting carbs, first modestly and then more aggressively, he has now lost 55 lbs and is running half marathons. This is his story from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry blog…

The old Mark

The old Mark

I had reached my late forties without ever dieting and my weight had slowly climbed, reaching a high of around 215lbs. I am 5′ 9″ in height, so this gave be a BMI of over 30 – technically ‘Obese’. My blood pressure was also very high – well into hypertension at 170/105.

I began on the Tim Ferris ’4 hour body’, which is limited carb., and on this I lost around 30 lbs in 4 months. I gradually transitioned to a Keto diet over the next 5 months, reducing carbs further, and increasing fat over protein. I have lost a further 25 lbs on this.

As of today, I am around 55 lbs down at 160lbs (with a ‘normal’ BMI) and this year I have run two half marathons, and plan to run a full marathon (after having done no exercise or sport for nearly 30 years)

As another positive side effect, my wife, who doesn’t follow the diet strictly but does eat the same as me in evenings / at weekends, has also lost over 15lbs in the last six months.

The new Mark

The new Mark

What was the biggest challenge to adopting a carbohydrate-restricted or paleo diet?
None – it was very easy, both at home (with the help and support of my wife!) and whilst eating out – which I do a lot.

What advice (if any) would you give to someone interested in trying a carbohydrate-restricted or paleo diet? Were there any obstacles that you overcame that could help future dieters?
Don’t wait – start tomorrow.

Weigh yourself every day, but learn to ignore the fluctuations and look for the trend.

Any and every restaurant, from MacDonalds to the very smartest, can provide you with food that will fit your diet: make sure you know what that is.

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