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Success Story: Author: “I Am Proof That LCHF Makes You Thin and Cures Diabetes”

Published on November 5, 2013,

Robin Nixon is the author of Creative Visualization for Dummies as well as many IT related books. He also blogs about his life and last week revealed how he has lost over 30lbs and 8 inches round his waist in 4 months on a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. This is an extract…

Creative Visualization for Dummies…Let’s talk about weight and size first. On June 30th this year I weighed 106 kilograms (about 234 pounds, or 16 stone 10 pounds). Today my weight is 92 kilos (about 203 pounds, or 14 stone 7 pounds). In this time I have also gone from a 46in (117cm) to a 38in (97cm) waist.

Now for the chemistry. At my last blood test a year ago my fasting blood sugar was 7.6 mmol/L, which (at over a value of 7) is past pre-diabetes and would normally be recognised as indicating actual type 2 diabetes. For some reason my doctor didn’t diagnose me as such, though, but just advised me to try and lose weight. Well, that’s what I’ve done, and today my level was 5.1 mmol/L, which is now well down into the normal, non-diabetic range. Also, my cholesterol levels had been 6.5 mmol/L (anything above 6.2 is considered high), but are now down to 5.7 mmol/L (borderline high). 5.2 mmol/L and below is considered healthy – I’ll be interested to see where I’m at next year.

So, by eating a diet of approximately 70% fat and 30% protein, with under 30 grams of carbohydrates daily from cheese, nuts, and leafy and salad vegetables, I have gone from being diabetic to non-diabetic, my weight is falling fast, and my cholesterol is almost back to a healthy level. And all of this is contrary to the advice given by organisations such as Diabetes UK or the UK Heart Foundation, which recommend a low fat diet, telling us that saturated fats especially cause raised cholesterol and heart disease, and to eat more ‘heart healthy’ carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and cereal. But I have been eating as much saturated and monounsaturated fat as I can, and try to avoid virtually all carbs and so-called ‘healthy’ polyunsaturated fat like the plague – and my blood levels show that this works…

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