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Swedes Consuming Low-Fat Products Gain More Weight!

Published on February 19, 2013,

The Diet Doctor has insights from a new study from Sweden suggesting men who avoid fat have an increased risk of being obese later while those who eat a lot of saturated dairy fat are significantly more likely to remain thin. This is from the Diet Doctor….

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A newly published Swedish study has examined what Swedes eat and what happens to their weight. In the 90′s a few thousand middle aged men in rural Sweden participated in a baseline survey on their eating habits, and were followed up 12 years later in a study on how their weight had changed.

The results? People with a fear of fat (avoiding butter and drinking low-fat milk etc.) had a clearly increased risk of being obese twelve years later.

On the other hand, those who consumed a lot of saturated dairy fat (butter, whole milk and heavy whipping cream) were significantly more likely to remain thin twelve years later.

As always, correlation does not prove causation, so this study should be taken with a grain of salt. However, Swedes following the failed low-fat guidelines, consuming low-fat products like low-fat milk and low-fat margarine, were more likely to become overweight. Possibly because they were left hungrier and ate more of other, worse things.

Is anyone surprised?

More (including a link to the research) at:  Swedes Consuming Low-Fat Dairy Products Gain More Weight!

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