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Success Story: When I Cut The Grains and Sugars The Weight Started Falling Off

Published on May 31, 2013,

The Ancestral Weight Loss Registry has a lovely success story from Mike who had spent 6 months working out five times a week and calorie counting with no net weight loss. He then gave up the grains and sugars and, in his words, ‘the weight started falling off’. A few months further on and he has lost 36lbs and achieved blood testing results that were ‘off the chart good’. Mike also has a great piece of advice for anyone worried about peer pressure when on a low carb diet. This is from Ancestral Weight Loss Registry…

The Old Mike (

The Old Mike (

I had worked for 6 months working out 5x a week and counting calories on a low fat diet. I initially lost 5 lbs, but gained it back and was unable to make any progress. I thought I was just unable to lose because of my age.

The minute I went off the grain and sugars, the weight started falling off. My original goal was to hit 175 in 3 months. I prayed to eventually get to 170, but thought that wouldn’t be sustainable for me. I blew past both those goals like a joke. I got into the low 150′s yet maintained my muscle mass to the oz (using hydrostatic body fat test) . I went from 24% bf to 11% in 3 months and continue to see slow improvement – total scale loss 36 lbs.

The past 4 months have cut back working out significantly (due to work) but kept eating paleo/primal, while consciously increasing my fat and protein levels. Been able to maintain my scale weight without problem. At the end of my 90 day challenge, I had my blood work done and all my numbers were rock star status and blew away my Dr. He could not believe my triglycerides and HDL. My vitamin D also was off the charts good.

The New Mike (

The New Mike (

Other results – waist went from 36.5″ to 31″, shirts went from 16+” to 14.5″. energy level, attitude, all increased. Chronic daily rotator pain (which was daily icing), disappeared. Decreased acne…

I found it easiest to tell people that I think I have an allergy to grains and sugars. Since people all seem to be allergic to things (and don’t question it anymore), people rarely give me stress. If you say you gave up bread and pasta and eat more meat, the lecturing begins.

More at:  I blew past both my goals like a joke



Low Carb Success Story: Kumar – Before and After Photos

Published on February 8, 2013,

Kumar has spent two years learning about and incorporating a low carb paleo lifestyle. After the first 9 months of following the approach loosely he had achieved significant improvements in health markers. After then committing 100% he says the results were ‘amazing’ – losing, for example, 20lbs in four weeks. Not convinced – check out the before and after photos below. This is from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry…

The Old Kumar (

The Old Kumar (

I have spent the last two years learning about the Paleo lifestyle. After 4 decades of overeating and over-exercising I was no better off than your average couch potato. When I was younger I looked to be in phenomenal shape, but never really felt that good. I weight-trained 2 hours per day, trained in martial arts 3-5 hours per day, plus hiking and biking on the weekends. While I have competed in various sports at very high levels across North America, nutrition was never taught to me. I relied on my innate athletic ability. In university they teach from the Canada Food Guide, which is woefully inadequate, and to be blunt, just plain wrong. Even in medical school it is an elective for doctors.

I now wonder what life would have been like had I always eaten like this; would I had to have taken allergy shots and pills for 30 years, would I need prescription antacids, would I have to exercise like a maniac just to maintain a modicum of health, would I suffer from debilitating headaches and neck pain, would every joint in my body ache, would I catch every single cold going around? After nine months of loosely following this diet I noticed significant improvements and biomarkers of health (higher testosterone, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower cortisol, dramatically reduced illness). Once I committed 100% the changes were amazing, losing 20lbs in 4 weeks. Now, some may argue that this is a fringe diet, when in fact it is the complete opposite. It could be renamed the “original human diet”, “the anti-inflammatory diet”, “the eat clean diet”, or just plain “the eat real food diet”.

The New Kumar (

The New Kumar (

Now, I just try to lead by example. The hardest people to convert are family and friends. As I continue to look and feel better as I age, I am sure some will eventually see that I am doing is not so radical, and in fact the right way to eat.

I must admit, all my knowledge on this has been gained through extensive reading of others works, blogs, podcasts, websites, books etc. But it works, and I am thankful to those willing to do the research.

What was the biggest challenge to adopting a carbohydrate-restricted or paleo diet?

We are inundated with foods that are so carb-laden, it’s impossible to eat out or with friends. The world has been brainwashed into thinking grains are necessary.

More at:  Once I committed 100% the changes were amazing!

My Doctor said “Wow! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.”

Published on November 30, 2012,

The Ancestral Weight Loss Registry blog has a great success story from Tracey who has lost 30 lbs of weight and 6 inches round her waist since starting on a low carb paleo diet a few months ago after years of frustration following government nutrition advice. Oh, and her health markers have improved dramatically as well. This is from…

Tracey Before (from

Earlier this year a friend of ours lost a tremendous amount of weight following “the caveman diet.” I had never heard of it, but it didn’t sound healthy. It is, however, hard to argue with success, and I reserved judgement until learning more.

Over the last few years both my husband and I have had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, despite eating a diet that is pretty consistent with the government’s food pyramid (or the new MyPlate). In addition, we cooked most of our meals at home using good ingredients: olive oil, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, organic/local vegetables and pastured meat from a local farmer. Despite this, we were both overweight and on various medications. Something wasn’t working!

I started researching the Paleo or Primal way of eating, first by asking our friends how they ate and what the rational for the diet was. They were very helpful and pointed us to a few websites. In college, my initial degree program was biochemistry and I was fascinated by evolutionary biology (total Stephen Jay Gould fangirl). So when I began to understand that the underlying science of this way of eating was based on the evolution of the human species, I really got interested.

So what changes have we made? Surprisingly few. The basics of the diet are grass fed/pastured meats (already doing), vegetables (which have increased exponentially), some fruits, and healthy fats, such as coconut oil and avocado. We eat a lot more eggs (pastured, from a local farmer) and no processed foods. We seldom eat out, but when we do we avoid grains, breads, and starchy foods. We’ve eliminated dairy, although we eat some cheese, mostly as garnish. No breads, pastries, rice, pasta, etc.

Tracey After (from

Well, the proof is in the paleo pudding. I had my lab work done and a doctor’s appointment today. I have lost 30 pounds (just shy of 20% of my initial weight) and am in the healthy weight range for my height. I’ve also lost 6 inches (!!) off my waist. More importantly, my doctor looked at my lab work and stated “Wow! Whatever you’re doing keep it up!”

Fasting glucose 67 (down from 87)

Total Cholesterol 148 (relatively unchanged…I was still on pravastatin, which has since been discontinued)

HDL 63 (up from 54)

LDL 70 (down from 112)

VLDL 15 (down from 26)

Triglycerides 76 (down from 132!)

My vitamin D level went from 14 to 28 (still low but doubled from last time), so I’ll continue supplementation for a while, plus get my 30 minutes of sunshine daily at lunch (and much more when I’m not at work). My thyroid level has been low off and on, so we’ll continue to monitor (I have no metabolic symptoms so am not overly concerned). I’m off all medications and don’t have a follow up for 6 months!

I can’t see ANY reason to go back to the conventionally taught nutrition (eg, MyPlate). I think one of the reasons it’s working is the focus on whole foods; removing the processed garbage removes so many non-food, potentially toxic things from the diet.

More importantly, I feel fantastic! All arthritis symptoms are gone, my sleep is even better (shorter but deeper), and I look better than I have in, well, decades.

More at:  My Doctor stated “Wow! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.”

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