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Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman Available For Pre-Order

Published on August 14, 2013,

A new book – Cholesterol Clarity – all about understanding your cholesterol numbers has been written by Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb Blog and Eric C. Westman, MD. It is due for launch on 27th August but is available now for pre-order (currently at a 40% discount)…

Cholesterol ClarityHere’s what Jimmy Moore has to say…

I can assure you Cholesterol Clarity is chock full of some quality information for people who are worried about their cholesterol levels, think they need to be taking a statin drug and eating a low-fat diet, and have been scared half to death of consuming fat and cholesterol in their diet.

It was a pleasure calling upon 29 of my best experts from around the world on the subject of cholesterol to weigh in with their own “Moment Of Clarity” quotes throughout the book.

I am so proud of the way this project I poured my heart and soul into for most of the past year came together and I absolutely cannot wait to get this out there to help reeducate people on the misinformation they’ve been given for most of their lives on the subject of cholesterol. 

And here’s an extract from a review by Jeffry Gerber MD…

Although the topic is quite complex and opinion often varies among the experts, Jimmy has done an excellent job organizing and condensing the subject matter into twenty-one well written and easy to understand chapters, chock full of useful information. The “Key Cholesterol Clarity Concepts” at the end of each chapter are also quite useful.

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