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Video: Toxic Sugar Featuring Robert Lustig and Gary Taubes

Published on August 19, 2013,

Australia’s ABC network has produced an excellent 18 minute segment on sugar, low carb, insulin and obesity with contributions from Professor Robert Lustig and Gary Taubes. Highly recommended and perfect for sharing…

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A lot of ground is covered including:

  • the problems caused by demonisation of fat and its replacement with sugar
  • why refined carbohydrates lead to obesity
  • the problems with fruit juice
  • how fat consumption has remained steady while sugar consumption (and obesity) have rocketed
  • the role of insulin
  • why calories in/calories out is flawed (and got us into this mess)
  • the dangers of processed foods
  • why getting off sugar makes people more enegertic

Please watch and share!

Cream and a Glass of Wine, or ONE Apple? New Diet Claims a Ration of 100 Sugar Calories Per Day is the Secret to Weight Loss

Published on June 4, 2013,

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the media about a new diet by Jorge Cruise called “The 100″ which was described on ABC News as the diet for ‘carb-lovers’ when in reality it seems to be exactly the opposite as the whole point is to restrict sugars and sugar calories hidden in carbs which in turn means restricting carbs (to 25 grammes a day). This is how it is described in the Daily Mail…

The 100 by Jorge Cruise

The 100 by Jorge Cruise

A new diet limits people to 100 ‘sugar calories’ a day – meaning that just two apples exceed the recommended allowance.

Fitness expert and New York Times bestseller Jorge Cruise, who masterminded The 100 method, says that foods contain ‘hidden sugars’ which boost belly fat. He claims those who have followed his four-week plan lost an average of 18lbs in two weeks. Explaining how to deduce the number of ‘sugar calories’ in meals or snacks, he told Today: ‘Bottom line: [It's] total carbs times four. Say it’s 20 total carbs in an apple. Times it by four, you’re looking at 80 sugar calories.’

As well as being bad for the waistline, Mr Cruise notes that ‘sugar calories’ can contribute to heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes. He highlights that many foods dieters assume are safe, such as apples and brown rice, are actually harmful to progress.

In a bid to show people how to reshape their diet his book titled The 100 includes shopping lists, food guides and recipes. It also shows people how to best read nutritional labels.

Mr Cruise is also behind the popular weight-loss book series The Belly Fat Cure, Body at Home, The 12-Second Sequence, The 3-Hour Diet, and 8 Minutes in the Morning.

Talking about his most recent work, which shifts focus on sugar, he adds: ‘It’s all about the insulin. Everyone thinks weight loss is all about eat less, exercise more . . . a calorie is a calorie. ‘[But] as much as I love equality, I’m not abiding equality when it comes to calories. Not all calories are the same.’ Some surprising treats such as whipped cream, half and half and red wine – which has only 14 ‘sugar calories’ per glass – don’t pose a problem on the 100 diet.

More at:  Cream and a glass of wine, or ONE apple? New diet claims a ration of just 100 calories of sugar per day is the secret to weight loss

Here’s the ABC report including video: ‘The 100′ Diet Claims Weight Loss by Restricting Calories From Sugar

Video: Tom Naughton of Fat Head on Obesity, Fat and Raising a Low Carb Family

Published on May 29, 2013,

Sam Feltham of the ‘Smash The Fat’ blog has posted an excellent interview he did with Tom Naughton of Fat Head in which Tom gives an overview into much of his thinking on obesity, including why being fat isn’t your fault, why standard dietary advice to eat carbohydrates and limit fat is so wrong (and why the wrong message has become the default), what’s wrong with ‘calories in = calories out’, why dietary fat doesn’t cause heart disease and much much more…

It’s a great refresher and would be an excellent introduction to share with anyone frustrated with their weight, body or health…

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See more at: Big Fat Lies with Tom Naughton

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