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Video: The Redemption of Cholesterol – How It Supports Your Health

Published on May 14, 2014,

Dr Mercola has a new video and article all about cholesterol and how it has perhaps been unfairly given the blame for causing heart disease. In the video he interviews Dr. Fred Kummerow who has been researching the science of lipids, cholesterol, heart disease, and nutrition for nearly eight decades and who believes that it is trans fats that are the problem…

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See the article at Dr Mercola’s site: The Redemption of Cholesterol—How It Supports Your Health

Surgeon: Why I’ve ditched statins for good after quitting sugar and eating more animal fat

Published on March 25, 2014,

The Telegraph has a fascinating article from a vascular surgeon who takes issue with the latest recommendations that statins should be given to more people to prevent heart disease and stroke and says he feels better without them after giving up sugar and eating more animal fats…

Why I’ve ditched statins for goodThe only major changes I’d made to my lifestyle since coming off statins were eliminating sugar (including alcohol and starchy foods such as bread) and eating more animal fat. Many experts now believe that sugar is emerging as a true villain in the heart-disease story; while after decades of demonisation, saturated fat has been acquitted of causing heart disease by a recent “meta” analysis of 70 studies by Cambridge University. Typically, I was eating red meat three or four times a week and enjoying butter, full-fat milk and plenty of eggs. You would have thought that after three months on a diet so high in saturated fat, my cholesterol would have shot back up to pre-statin levels – but no, it came down and has stayed down seven months on.

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Saturated fat is not bad for health, says heart expert

Published on March 7, 2014,

The Telegraph is reporting claims from a cardiac scientist that diets low in saturated fat do NOT lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease or help people live longer…

Saturated fat is not bad for health, says heart expertBut Dr DiNicolantonio, claims sugar and carbohydrates are the real culprits driving high cholesterol and the obesity epidemic and suggested that guidelines should be changed urgently. “A public health campaign is drastically needed to educate on the harms of a diet high in carbohydrate and sugar. “There is no conclusive proof that a low-fat diet has a positive effect on health. Indeed the literature indicates a general lack of any effect, good or bad, from a reduction in fat intake. “A change in recommendations is drastically needed as public health could be at risk. “We need a public health campaign as strong as the one we had in the 70s and 80s demonising saturated fats, to say that we got it wrong.” DiNicolantonio points out that the ‘vilification’ of saturated fats dates back to the 1950s when research suggested a link between high dietary saturated fat intake and deaths from heart disease.

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