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Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?

Published on April 4, 2014,

Self-described ‘rogue nutritionist’ Jonny Bowden asks on his blog if it really costs more to eat healthily. His answer? In the short term yes (and it will be more difficult too), but the long term benefits are well worth it…

Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?I want to talk to you about two subjects virtually everyone is interested in: food and money. Specifically, I want to address the frequently heard complaint that it costs much more to eat healthy. Don’t worry-I’m not going to give you a lecture about how much broccoli you could eat for the price of a Big Mac, or how, if you were really inventive, you could make a four course nutrient dense meal for the price of two large bags of Dorito’s and a 2 liter coke. That stuff may be true, but it doesn’t speak to your experience, which is that calories are generally cheap, and good food (like grass-fed meat) isn’t. And that it takes a lot of work (and time!)

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Video: The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie Challenge – Part 2 – The High Carb Version

Published on September 24, 2013,

You may have seen the first of Smash The Fat Sam Feltham’s 21 Day 5,000 calorie challenge where, for 21 consecutive days, he ate 5,000 calories of day but all from real, unprocessed food low in carbohydrates and high in natural fats. The outcome? He barely gained any weight and lost 3cm around his waist. Now he is repeating the experiment eating processed, high carb (but often ‘low fat’) food…

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Follow Sam’s challenge on his Smash The Fat YouTube channel

See a round up of the first challenge (the real food, low carb, high fat version) here:

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Video: Low Carb Pioneer on ‘What’s Wrong With The Glycemic Index’

Published on May 6, 2013,

We read with sadness the news from Jimmy Moore that low carb pioneer Dr Barry Groves recently passed away and thought we would post one of his videos in commemoration and celebration of his contribution. This is Dr Groves on what’s wrong with GI, or Glycemic Index, followed by an extract of Jimmy Moore’s tribute…

This is Dr Grove’s on video discussing the problems with using GI…

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This is from Livin’ La Vida Low Carb…

When Oxfordshire Cotswolds native Dr. Barry Groves and his wife Monica decided to start on a low-carb, high-fat diet beginning in 1962, all of his friends and family thought he was crazy. But when this nutritional scientist Ph.D. lost weight and greatly improved his health by eating supposedly-forbidden foods like butter, full fat meats and cheeses and lard while eschewing blood sugar-spiking carbage foods like bread, pasta and rice, Dr. Groves was the one who had the last laugh. It allowed him to live a long and healthy robust life with over a half century of enjoyable low-carb, high-fat living as one of the UK’s strongest advocates for this healthy lifestyle change. Dr. Groves passed away last night, April 29, 2013 at the age of 77.

More from Jimmy Moore at: Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Guru Barry Groves, 77, Passes Away

Dr Grove’s website is still available and full of great resources:

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