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Added Sugar is The Single Worst Ingredient in The Diet. Period.

Published on April 9, 2014,

The excellent Authority Nutrition site has a comprehensive look at the role of sugar in contemporary eating and concludes that – in the large quantities it is being consumed – it may more harmful than any other aspect of the diet…

Added Sugar is The Single Worst Ingredient in The Diet. Period.“Did all of a sudden the entire world just become a bunch of gluttons and sloths? All at the same time? I mean, get real.” – Dr. Robert H. Lustig There are many things wrong with the modern diet… but the massive amounts of added sugar may just be the worst. Numerous studies show that sugar, more than any other ingredient in the diet, may be driving some of the world’s leading killers… including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer ( 1, 2, 3). The video above (hat tip to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt) – is from ABC’s Catalyst, a popular science program in Australia. The Low-Fat “Revolution” Gave Sugar a Free Pass The first dietary guidelines for Americans were published in 1977, giving birth to the low-fat “revolution.”

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Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?

Published on April 4, 2014,

Self-described ‘rogue nutritionist’ Jonny Bowden asks on his blog if it really costs more to eat healthily. His answer? In the short term yes (and it will be more difficult too), but the long term benefits are well worth it…

Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?I want to talk to you about two subjects virtually everyone is interested in: food and money. Specifically, I want to address the frequently heard complaint that it costs much more to eat healthy. Don’t worry-I’m not going to give you a lecture about how much broccoli you could eat for the price of a Big Mac, or how, if you were really inventive, you could make a four course nutrient dense meal for the price of two large bags of Dorito’s and a 2 liter coke. That stuff may be true, but it doesn’t speak to your experience, which is that calories are generally cheap, and good food (like grass-fed meat) isn’t. And that it takes a lot of work (and time!)

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Saturated fat is not bad for health, says heart expert

Published on March 7, 2014,

The Telegraph is reporting claims from a cardiac scientist that diets low in saturated fat do NOT lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease or help people live longer…

Saturated fat is not bad for health, says heart expertBut Dr DiNicolantonio, claims sugar and carbohydrates are the real culprits driving high cholesterol and the obesity epidemic and suggested that guidelines should be changed urgently. “A public health campaign is drastically needed to educate on the harms of a diet high in carbohydrate and sugar. “There is no conclusive proof that a low-fat diet has a positive effect on health. Indeed the literature indicates a general lack of any effect, good or bad, from a reduction in fat intake. “A change in recommendations is drastically needed as public health could be at risk. “We need a public health campaign as strong as the one we had in the 70s and 80s demonising saturated fats, to say that we got it wrong.” DiNicolantonio points out that the ‘vilification’ of saturated fats dates back to the 1950s when research suggested a link between high dietary saturated fat intake and deaths from heart disease.

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