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Jimmy Moore: Unexpected Health Benefits of Nutritional Ketosis

Published on June 12, 2013,

We’ve featured Jimmy Moore’s experiment with nutritional ketosis several times over recent months. Bascially, he is trying to put his body into a state of being primarily fuelled by ketones through the use of a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb dietary approach. Jimmy has lost a lot of weight and now has an interesting article over at CarbSmart where he describes 10 unexpected benefits of nutritional ketosis beyond this weight loss itself. We’ve got the link below to see the full article but here are a few highlights…

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1. Appetite and craving annihilation 
Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I really like to eat. After all, I didn’t get to weigh over 400 pounds because I had fantastic control over my intake of food. Absolutely not! I’ve always had this insatiable hunger that never gave me a calm sense of satisfaction and control even on a straight low-carb diet (GASP!). It wasn’t until I consumed ENOUGH food, mostly from dietary fats (it’s probably even more than you think), keeping my absolute amount of protein to the level that is right for me (between 80-100g daily) and and kept carb intake within my own personal carb tolerance level (~30g daily) that I found freedom from the bondage of my never ending hunger for the first time in my life. There are some powerful prescription drugs on the market right now that don’t come close to the satisfaction and appetite suppression you will feel by properly nourishing your body this way.

2. Spontaneous fasting
What?! Did you seriously say fasting? As in, not eating ANY food at all for a period of time—ON PURPOSE? Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Isn’t fasting the second-most vulgar “f” word in the English dictionary? When you are a sugar-burner living on glucose as your primary fuel source, there’s no doubt fasting is indeed a dirty word. But imagine my surprise when I started doing this nutritional ketosis experiment, becoming a fat-for-fuel, ketone-burning beast in earnest – and spontaneously started going 8, 12, 16 and even 24+ hours between meals.

Why oh why would I do something like this? Very simple—it was a natural reaction to giving my body what it needed. Fasting should not be a forced thing, waiting in agony and pining for your next meal. That’s pure torture! Try this—eat a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb meal. Make sure it is a hearty plate of food (you can’t get the amount of food wrong if you listen to your body telling you when you have had enough). If you keep the impact on your blood sugar and insulin levels minimal by eating the right mix of fat, protein and carbohydrates for your body, then you shouldn’t be surprised by how long you can go between meals. I regularly fast 18-24 hours and sometimes even as much as 30 hours when I feel good. I challenge you: Put it to the test. Keep in mind it might take you a few days or weeks to find that proper amount and mix of food that’s right for you. But when you do, you’ll be a lean mean fasting machine in very short order, and not even realize it. This is such a cool feeling!

3. Unbelievable mental sharpness
Don’t you just hate that brain fog that tends to overcome you at the worst possible times in your life? Man oh man, I sure do. It used to hit me really hard, especially in the afternoon, even after eating what I thought was a pretty decent low-carb meal. But ever since I started pursuing and being in a constant state of nutritional ketosis, this no longer happens to me. I have the most incredible mental acuity that I’ve ever experienced . If I had realized how much clearer my thinking could be by being fueled almost non-stop by ketone bodies instead of sugar, I would have made this switch a long time ago. I recently heard a lecture given by Nora Gedgaudas from who said people who eat a ketogenic diet have 39% greater blood flow to the brain than those fueled by glucose. That’s HUGE and explains why brain function is optimized when you are in nutritional ketosis. You’ll never fully understand this key health benefit of NK until you experience it for yourself. Get your blood ketones above 1.0 millimolar on a consistent basis and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

See seven more unexpected benefits of nutritional ketosis at: 10 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Nutritional Ketosis Besides Weight Loss

Jimmy Moore loses a further 9lbs of fat and gains 6lbs of muscle in past 2 months

Published on November 19, 2012,

Jimmy Moore, of the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb blog, tweaked his low carb diet six months ago to experiment with nutritional ketosis, a particular form of low carb eating that focuses on eating high fat and only modest protein along with the low carb intake. The intention is to get 85% of daily calories from fat in order to ensure a state of ketosis where the body derives its energy from dietary and stored fat. In order to monitor the impact, Jimmy has undertaken DXA (duel-energy X-ray absorbtiometry) scans after 4 and now 6 months on the regime. Here are the highly impressive results of the changes in his body composition over the past two months…

When I got my first DXA scan done two months ago, I had already been doing nutritional ketosis for four months losing around 45 pounds at that time. I wish I had gotten one before starting this in May. Nevertheless, even still I knew it would be enlightening to see the changes that are happening to my body because of the nutritional ketosis I’ve been doing along with the keto-adapted, fasted weight lifting sessions I’ve been doing. After showing you my seemingly lackluster weight loss results of just 2.6 pounds in the past month, several readers inquired in the comments section about whether I’ve actually gained muscle at a pretty good clip that would make the weight on the scale seem to be ineffective or if I was truly stalled in my weight loss. I’ve assumed I’m gaining muscle mass along with fat loss, but the DXA scan would be the only way to confirm or deny that theory pretty quickly.

So, I couldn’t wait to see what happened in the two months since my last DXA scan. Wanna see the changes that took place? Check it out below:



Just in case you missed what happened, here are the big highlights:

  • 9.7 pounds of net weight loss
  • 5% body fat loss–HUGE!
  • 16.26 pounds of body fat loss
  • 6.19 pounds of lean muscle mass gain

Yeah baby! Not only did I lose body fat at a super rate of loss, but my muscle GREW by over SIX POUNDS! WOO HOO! Even Dr. Galvin was impressed by the changes I saw in my body composition. It was further confirmation that this nutritional ketosis thing is the right path for me. He’s very interested in seeing what will happen to my body fat and lean muscle mass while I’m away on my trip to Australia these next few weeks with all the stress and excitement of traveling overseas and being out of my normal routine. I’ll be returning to the Vitality Medical Wellness Institute on Monday, December 17, 2012 to see if I can maintain the muscle mass growth I’ve experienced while still losing body fat during this glorious trip to Oz. It’ll make for some more great information as part of this nutritional ketosis experiment I’m doing. We’ll see what happens.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the actual body composition changes:



Here are the notable changes from September 2012 to November 2012:

  • 1.68 pounds of body fat lost in my arms
  • 2.05 pounds of lean muscle mass gain in my arms
  • 3.54 pounds of body fat lost in my legs
  • 3.05 pounds of lean muscle mass gain in my legs
  • 9.65 pounds of body fat lost in the trunk area
  • 5.20 pounds of lean muscle mass gain in the trunk area
  • 2.28 pounds of body fat lost om the gynoid area
  • 1.06 pounds of lean muscle mass gain in the gynoid area

I can’t be anything but pleased with all of these numbers considering the conventional wisdom thinking would say I’m merely losing muscle mass consuming an 85% fat, 12% protein, 3% carbohydrate diet. As I was packing for my Australian trip today I tried on some clothes I haven’t worn in over five years–and they fit perfectly! That is the kind of thing that makes all of this worth continuing this journey.

More at:  November 2012 DXA Scan Results After 6 Months On Nutritional Ketosis

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