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Video: Low Carb Substitute For Rice – How To Do It With Cauliflower

Published on August 8, 2013,

We’ve published a few posts using cauliflower as a substitute for various high-carb foods and this is a great video showing how easy it is to use cauliflower instead of rice using just a food blender and a microwave. The result – 8g of carbs per cup using cauliflower instead of 48g per cup with brown rice. This is from MichaelKoryFitness…

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See more from MichaelKoryFitness at his YouTube channel

Low Carb Cauliflower Rice – Plain Or Spiced Indian Style…

Published on July 17, 2013,

Cauliflower is a secret weapon for many on a low carb diet and we have had posts using it in a variety of ways from a cauliflower pizza base to a cauliflower alternative to mashed potato. Today we’re featuring two approaches that have been published for cauliflower as a rice substitute – one fairly plain and made with a hand grater, and the second more exotic with curry flavouring and made in a blender…

English: cauliflower

English: cauliflower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First this approach to cauliflower rice from Low Carb Confidential…

Cauliflower does not taste like rice, but the flavor is mild enough to act as a low carb substitute in dishes where the meat and sauce is placed on a bed of rice.

You might be asking yourself: “cauliflower is nothing like rice – how does this work?”

Simple: you grate it…

I place the box grater on a cutting board, wash the whole head of cauliflower after removing the green part. I leave it whole, and gently pull apart the florets to rinse in between.

After washing, I then take the whole head and start grating. I would say that this step takes about 7-10 minutes. I empty the box grater onto a large dinner plate 2 or 3 times during the process.

At the end you are left with some larger-sized bits. Depending on how closely you want the cauliflower to resemble rice, you can dice the remaining bits on the cutting board and add them to the mix or just discard.

Now I tend to like rice the Chinese way – sticky. If you like rice the Chinese way, add a little water to the plate - maybe a quarter cup. If you like your rice fluffy, don’t.

Now take your plate and place in the microwave and cook. I set mine for 5 minutes, but as these ovens vary in power you’ll have to experiment with yours.

What you end up with is a big plate of unseasoned rice-like bits of cauliflower that can be used like rice as a bed for whatever you tend to throw on top of real rice.

More at:  Cauliflower Rice – A Low Carb Substitute for Rice

If you want to try something a bit more exotic, here’s an approach for spiced Indian style cauliflower rice from low carb blog Cigarettes & Melted Chocolate…

Stuff you need

2 heads cauliflower, grated in the food processor
1 small leek, grated in with the cauli

Either half a pint of chicken stock or a stock cube if you don’t have any (check for starches if you’re low starching, check for sugar if you’re low carbing!)

2 tbsp butter


Ground cinnamon
Black pepper
Celery seeds
Onion powder
Ground cloves
Handful crushed dried curry leaves
Garlic, I used fresh but you could use powder
Ground Cardamon
Fennel seeds

Pop the chicken stock in a non stick pan and heat it up, add the grated cauliflower and leek, let it simmer down for a couple of minutes, add the butter and let it melt through, keep moving it. Add your spices, a couple of shakes of each, let it all steam together until the stock has absorbed. Taste it, check you have enough flavour and salt, add more if you don’t. I let mine sit in one position for a good few minutes, so that when you turn it, you have some browned bits from the bottom of the pan which gives it a nice sweetness.

Serve with a low carb curry.

More at:  Spiced Indian style cauliflower rice

Video: Low Carb Healthy Rice For Losing Weight

Published on April 19, 2013,

Lots of people enjoyed the recent video we shared making a low carb pizza (link below) using a special and ingenious hack to replace the traditional base. Well, here’s another in the same theme showing how to make a low carb alternative to rice. Enjoy…

This is from leanbodylifestyle on YouTube…

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