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NuSI launch video, obesity rates and the quest for scientific certainty

Published on September 19, 2012,

Last week we detailed news of the launch of the new non-profit organisation NuSI – the Nutrition Science Initiative - involving low carb diet advocate Gary Taubes. NuSI has now added this introductory video to its website featuring co-founder Peter Attia…

The video makes clear how NuSI aims to use science and the scientific method to help solve the issues of obesity and diabetes and how the current accepted wisdom of eat less and exercise more may in fact be at the heart of causing the problems. NuSI aims to take the guessing out of what to eat and replace it with scientifically based certainty.

There are also some frightening charts on the growth of obesity and diabetes in the US.

Gary Taubes and colleagues launch the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI)

Published on September 13, 2012,

Science writer and low carb advocate Gary Taubes along with colleagues has launched a new non-profit organisation called the Nutrition Science Initiative (or NuSI). The aim is to investigate (and fund) science behind what really constitutes a healthy diet in the face of the explosion of obesity and obesity-related diseases amongst developed populations across the globe. Here are some extracts from their launch website…

The problem

Americans have been working harder than ever to eat well and be healthy, but it’s not working. We keep getting fatter and diabetes rates are skyrocketing. One possible explanation is that we’re getting the wrong advice. Official dietary guidelines are not based on rigorous science. They may be contributing to the problem and doing far more harm than good.

Why NuSI?

NuSI is unencumbered by bureaucracy or by an obligation to do anything other than find the truth. We can move quickly and efficiently to execute a novel plan: harness the talents of the best scientists in the field and channel their skills into one concerted effort to generate reliable knowledge, once and for all, on the nature of a healthy diet. The time is now.

The strategy

NuSI is changing the rules of the game. We build teams of multidisciplinary researchers from independent universities and institutions, and we make it possible for them to do targeted, cutting-edge experiments that will directly address the key questions of obesity and health. We then communicate the results to all audiences. Everyone deserves the truth.

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This is clearly one to watch for those interested in low carb diets and you can follow NuSI on Twitter @NuSIorg


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