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Video: Can Elite Athletes Eat LCHF And Win?

Published on December 17, 2013,

The English cricket team was strongly backed to win the current Ashes series against Australia. Before the series there were media reports of the extraordinary 3-star Michelin-style meal plan the England team were travelling with. By contrast, the Australian team has quietly gone low carb. Results at time of posting? Australia have just taken an unassailable 3 – 0 lead over England. This is a talk by the Australian team’s nutritionist Peter Bruckner…

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At the end of the video Peter Bruckner talks about “Cereal Killers The Movie” – you can watch it on line here (affiliate link)

Famous sports scientist “comes out” as low carb diet advocate and puts authorities in a spin

Published on September 27, 2012,

World famous author and sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes has kicked up a storm in his native South Africa by coming out and advocating a low carb, high fat diet for athletes in complete contradiction to advice in his early books. Indeed, Noakes has recently changed his views on eating habits so much so that he now recommends tearing out the chapter on nutrition in his highly acclaimed book The Lore of Running. Here’s how the latest developments are being reported in the blog Health24 along with links to related content they have published on the story…

Tim Noakes by Wouter du Toit

Tim Noakes by Wouter du Toit (Photo credit: TEDxCapeTown)

Ever since we first wrote about Professor Tim Noakes’ negative views on carbohydrates and his now controversial views on cholesterol and high fat/high protein diets, our readers have been in a tizz about what to believe. And who can blame them?

For years Prof Noakes was telling athletes about how good it was to carbo-load before a race and now all of a sudden he’s saying that high carb diets can be downright dangerous for some people.

However Prof Noakes’ views on high fat/ high protein diets are not so new, and go by other names as as the Paleo Diet, which basically prescribes that you eat like they did in paleolithic (caveman) times.

But what does this mean for people who have cholesterol concerns? Some doctors have warned that the high fat/ high protein way of eating is dangerous for people who have cholesterol problems and have publicly criticised Prof Noakes for his claims that this ‘diet’ can actually have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

But Prof Noakes hit back with a hard-hitting claim that the theory that a diet high in fat causes high cholesterol and heart disease may in fact be wrong. It’s been a crazy few weeks with this to-and-fro!

So if you’re feeling a bit confused you’re not alone. Read here what some of our readers had to say about this issue. We will keep you up-to-date with all the latest updates on this issue though so don’t rush into anything just yet!

In the meantime two gorgeous twin women with genetically high cholesterol are putting Prof Noakes’ claims to the test in the Twin Noakes’ Experiment – where one twin is eating a high carb/low fat diet and the other the high fat/low carb diet and both will have their cholesterol levels and other essentials checked regularly for 8 weeks to see what the outcome is at the end. It’s a small experiment but the results should be interesting nonetheless.

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