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Success Story: Losing 40lbs and Discovering a Lifelong Allergy to Wheat By Going Low Carb

Published on May 17, 2013,

Wife and mum Lilana went low carb about two years ago after years of what she describes as declining into misery, fat and ill-health. She lost 40 lbs in six months without doing any exercise and discovered a lifelong wheat allergy that had been causing many problems. This is from Ancestral Weight Loss Registry…

Lilana old and new -

Lilana old and new –

Almost two years ago, after finally giving in to my husband’s pleading to try LC (and after a 10 lbs additional gain from a disastrously successful foray into baking), I cut out all carbs cold-turkey. I lost 40 lbs over the ensuing 6 months (without doing any exercise–my knees were in a bad state from the extra weight), and discovered a lifelong wheat allergy that was responsible for my painful separation from physical activity due to asthma in my youth, and was also responsible for horrible mood swings and coldness!

Now, I’m not totally strict no-carb (sometimes I will still eat rye or gluten-free bread, but it’s rare), but maintaining my weight is effortless and I continue to avoid wheat entirely. My 20′s were spent declining further and further into misery, fat, ill-health, and bitchiness, and now hopefully my 30′s will be everything I was supposed to have then! I also now have a paleo-breastfed infant, and he is bursting with personality, energy, and strength at a mere 2 months!

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Success Story: Heath Loses 93lbs in Six Months Going Paleo and Dropping the Home Made Bread and Pasta

Published on February 15, 2013,

Law enforcement officer Heath shares his story of how he lost 93lbs and dropped ten pant sizes in six months once he started to follow a paleo diet and, in particular, the recommendation of Mark Sission. The amazing thing is that Heath thought he was eating healthily before with lots of home cooked bread and pasta. He’d also tried months of gruelling workouts with an expensive personal trailer and lost just 5lbs in return. What’s more, since ‘going primal’, his migraines have disappeared and his allergies cleared up. This is from Mark’s Daily Apple…

Heath before (

Heath before (

On January 1st of this year my sister challenged the family to a “biggest loser” challenge. I was a little irritated since I felt this was pointed at me. I’m also competitive by nature, and so I decided to accept her challenge.

I weighed 299 lbs when I did the first “weigh in”. I was 35, in size 42 jeans, and had approximately 40% body fat. I hadn’t expressed my frustrations with my weight to anyone, but I knew my family was getting concerned with my health. As a father of two wonderful girls, and husband to a beautiful wife, I knew a change had to be made.

I am also a law enforcement officer, and not being in better shape was a safety concern for me on the job. As an instructor in arrest control techniques and firearms I felt that I was not setting a good example for the other officers. I hated the fact I was becoming the fat doughnut eating cop.

I was eating what I believed was a healthy diet, and I felt I was active. I did not eat out much, and ate home made meals everyday. I grew up with a mother who baked bread everyday, and pastas and even our cereal was homemade. My wife remained in good shape while my weight ballooned over 11 years of marriage.

Last summer I paid a personal trainer, who was a world champion grappler, to help me get in shape. The workouts were very intense, to the point of vomiting after the workout. After months of this I had lost a grand total of 5 lbs, and I eventually gave up the workouts.

One of my co-workers, Greg, a 64 year old man who looks 50 and is ripped, explained the paleo lifestyle to me when I told him about my family’s “Biggest Loser” challenge. I was skeptical since nothing had been working, but obviously it was working for him, so I thought I would give it a try. Greg gave me the Mark’s Daily Apple website and told me about getting cookbooks and other resources.

I explained to my wife the diet and I could not have asked for a more supportive spouse. She changed the way she cooked and shopped for food. We commented on the fact that our cupboards were becoming bare from the lack of processed food, but our fridge was overflowing with meats, vegetables, and other raw foods.

Heath after (

Heath after (

At the end of 6 months the family weighed in to see who had won the challenge. I had dropped from 299 lbs down to 206 lbs, and from 40% body fat to 17%. I not only had won our little family competition, but I was also one of the few that was able to stick to my “diet”. I almost felt guilty with the victory, the weight had come off quickly and easily, I ate when I was hungry, and I ate delicious food.

Besides the weight loss, I also experienced other benefits that I had not expected. I had experienced migraines for years, and have yet to suffer from one since going Primal. My minor hay fever allergies also disappeared. My overall health and energy levels are much improved. I had my my gall bladder taken out two years ago, and had the typical side effects which sent me running for the bathroom. This also went away. I wish I had known about the Primal Blueprint diet before I lost my gall bladder.

I have dropped ten pant sizes, and am now on my fourth gun belt. I look more professional in uniform, and I have other officers asking me how I achieved the weight loss. Two other friends/officers have lost a combined 70 lbs in two months after I convinced them to try going Primal.

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