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Why New Research Must Mean The Death of the Low-Fat Diet

Published on March 4, 2013,

The New England Journal of Medicine has reported results of a large trial comparing the impact on cardiovascular disease of a low fat diet against a Mediterranean diet with more fat. After 5 years the trial has been stopped ahead of time because the low-fat group got significantly more heart disease. The Diet Doctor believes this must, at last, mean the death of the low fat diet. This is from the Diet Doctor…

Mediterranean diet (close up)

Mediterranean diet (close up) (Photo credit: grobery)

The low-fat diet has been on life support since 2006, when the failure of the WHI trial was published. A low-fat diet did not succeed in preventing heart disease. Instead people with pre-existing heart disease had a 30 percent increase in risk of heart disease!

Now it’s game over. Today the result of another large trial is published in the The New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigeous scientific journal in the world for this type of research.

About 7,500 people were randomized to either get advice on a low-fat diet or a Mediterranean diet with more fat, specifically olive oil or nuts. After almost five years the trial was stopped in advance. The result was clear. The group getting the low-fat diet advice got significantly more heart disease, again.

NEJM: Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

An earlier report from the same trial looked at the risk of diabetes. People exposed to low-fat diet advice had a much higher risk of getting diabetes. And study after study show that people have a harder time losing weight on a low-fat diet. So it’s more obesity, more diabetes and more heart disease on low fat.

R.I.P. low-fat diet. Welcome back, fat

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