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The Diet Doctor’s Optimal Ketosis Experiment: Weight Loss, Going AWOL and Fat Coffee

Published on April 10, 2013,

The Diet Doctor has recently posted a series of articles reviewing a self-experiment he conducted last year where for two months he went beyond his normal low carb diet to one where he was achieving “optimal ketosis” – a state measured with a blood ketone meter where the body is pretty much just burning fat. To get there he ate very strict low carb with only moderate amounts of protein and lots of fat to fill himself up.  In his final review the Diet Doctor reported some interesting findings on weightloss, drinking ‘fat coffee’ and what happened after a weekend when he went AWOL at a social event. Here are some extracts from the Diet Doctor…

Butter, at the Borough Market, London, 2006.

Butter, at the Borough Market, London, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On weight loss…

Weight loss was not my ambition when starting this experiment. I was happy with my weight and waistline, which I’ve kept for years with the more liberal LCHF diet I stick to. Interestingly, I still lost a total of 4.5kgs (almost 10 pounds) and a whopping 7cms (over 2.5 inches) around my waist. This happened without the slightest hunger pang.

On the impact of a weekend not sticking to the low carb/high fat diet…

An entire weekend of cheating took me a few days to a week to bounce back from. That’s of course keeping in mind I was very keto-adapted going in. I can however imagine that some people may need more time.

On lessons learned…

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during these two months is how much the effects of a strict LCHF diet can be intensified when taken to optimal ketosis. Also, I’ve seen that it takes more than just great care with carbohydrate to achieve deep ketosis; in fact, you need more fat and less protein than many believe. Too much protein tends to actually inhibit optimal ketosis (a ketone level of over 1.5), instead making it easy to stall at around 0.5.

On ‘fat’ coffee…

A handy way to consume more fat and less protein is to drink your coffee with butter and coconut oil (mix with a blender!). One or two mugs of this kind of “fat coffee” gets you feeling so full you won’t be eating too much meat, fish or eggs. Perhaps this brings an environmental as well as monetary saving?

Read the Diet Doctor’s final report in full at: Final Report: Two Months of Strict LCHF and Ketone Monitoring

Here’s the introduction to the experiment: Experiment: Optimal Ketosis for Weight Loss and Improved Performance 

Here’s the second report: Four Weeks of Strict LCHF and Ketone Monitoring

You can read more on the idea of ‘fat coffee’ here: Bulletproof Coffee


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