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Obesity Is Not A Disease, It Can Be A Symptom Of Disease But It Is Not The Disease itself

Published on July 4, 2013,

Tom Naughton from Fat Head The Movie was interviewed on Canada’s Sun News Network about the recent classification of obesity as a disease. In a short but fascinating discussion Naughton  explains his concerns as the classification of obesity as a disease and why the focus should be on blood sugar management rather than weight…

To view the video click on the link at the bottom and it will open a direct link (unable to embed directly in this page):

obesity over-reaction

Here are some of the highlights:

- Obesity is not a disease, it can be a symptom of disease but it is not the disease itself.

- It is not the fault of fat people – it is the fault of the bad advice people are given – in particular, the bad advice to go on a low fat diet which usually results in people eating far too many carbohydrates and effectively going on the same diet farmers use to fatten their pigs.

- The discussion moves onto BMI – body mass index – and its limitations and the potential role of the pharmaceutical companies in pushing for obesity to be classified as a disease.

- Tom’s parting message is that it is not the weight that makes you sick but the high blood sugar and it is the high blood sugar that can in turn make you fat. Don’t worry about your weight – worry about switching to a diet that keeps your blood sugar under control and if you do that the other things will fall into place.

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