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Top 5 reasons to stop drinking soda pop right now

Published on August 3, 2012,

Low Carb Voice outlines five good reasons not to drink soda pop (or soft fizzy drinks for those in the UK) – and that includes light or diet versions as well as the full sugar ones.

Study after study shows just how terrible soda pop is for your health. If you’re still drinking it, it’s time to find something else to drink. Here some of the main reasons why it’s so bad.

1. Weight gain: The high amount of sugar in soda promotes weight gain. Obesity is a main factor in many deadly diseases, so it should be avoided. It’s easy to go overboard and drink a lot of sugar at once, since the soda doesn’t fill you up like food does.

2. Diabetes: Weight gain and sugar are tied to diabetes. This article discusses a study that shows that even 1 can of pop a day can increase your diabetes risk.

3. Calcium loss: Phosphoric acid is shown to leach calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid. This weakens bones and teeth. This can be a big problem especially for women, who have a higher risk of osteoporosis.

4. Cavities: The acid in soda pop can eat away at tooth enamel. The natural bacteria in your mouth also feed on the sugar found in pop and then secreet an acid that destroys enamel.

5. Diet soda is bad, too: Some studies show that people actually gain more weight drinking diet sodas, rather than regular. It’s unclear why, but it could be because the artificial sweeteners trick your brain into wanting even more sugar. There are also some links between aspartame and cancer.

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