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Top 5 ways to beat sugar cravings on a low-carb diet

Published on August 21, 2013,

Sugar cravings can be a real problem for people on a low carb diet, especially when starting out – after all, it’s breaking the sugar dependency that many would suggest is at the heart of the impact of a low carb diet. The excellent blog Low Carb Support has produced some very sensible tips to avoid giving into the sugar cravings. Here are the top five…

white cane sugar

white cane sugar (photo credit Wikipedia)

1. Eat sufficient amounts of protein and include it to every meal

Lack of protein can sometimes cause sugar cravings. Sufficient amount of protein will help you feel satiated for longer and will decrease your desire for sugary foods. It is also essential to ensure your muscle mass doesn’t waste away when dieting.

2. Don’t be afraid of fat (although if you are on Dukan, be very afraid)

When you reduce the amount of carbs in your diet, fat provides the energy instead. On ketogenic diets, eating lots of fat is a requirement. Even if you follow a more moderate plan, like Zone or South Beach, don’t try to reduce your fat intake below the recommended levels. Eating something that’s high in fat can provide immediate relief from sugar cravings. (Dukan is the exception here, being both low-carb and low-fat – follow Dukan guidelines precisely to ensure you stay on track).

3. Don’t starve yourself

The best thing about going low-carb is that you will naturally feel less hungry and eat less. Don’t try to skip meals or reduce calories on top of going low-carb – this can result in very strong cravings and lead you to fall off the wagon altogether!

4. Eat frequently

If you find yourself craving sugar often, trying eating more frequently. For example, have six small meals a day instead of three, or have a low-carb snack between meals. Regular frequent supply of food will make your body feel more “secure”, so that it doesn’t go into starvation mode and demand a sugar hit.

5. Always choose whole foods over processed foods

Ideally, stay away from all processed foods – they are usually full of chemicals and empty calories. Whole foods are more nutritious, will leave you feeling satiated for longer and won’t cause sugar cravings.

See Low Carb Diet Support’s full list of tips at: 15 ways to beat sugar cravings on a low-carb diet

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