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Video: The Secrets of Sugar

Published on October 14, 2013,

Canadian tv’s CBC has broadcast an episode of the fifth estate which is a documentary investigation into sugar and its impact on consumers, now available on YouTube. It’s another powerful show taking the message to the mainstream…

The programme considers the sugar “bliss point” used by the food industry to find the optimal amount of sugar required to maximize the appeal of any product, the amount of hidden sugar in common food products (even many labelled ‘healthy’), the correlation between sugar consumption, obesity, type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

It has a contribution from Dr Robert Lustig who explains that sugar has been “1,000 worse” for us than dietary fat and why it causes harm and also input from Gary Taubes on how the food industry has discredited those in the past who have questioned sugar.

There’s an interesting segment on cancer and suggestions of a link between sugar, diabetes and Alzheimer’s (which is called “diabetes of the brain”).

It won’t all be new to many readers of this site but it’s an excellent documentary and a great one to share on.

Top quote: “If I got these results [like with sugar] from a new food additive I think it would pretty quickly get pulled”..

More at: The Secrets of Sugar

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