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Video: The Truth About Exercise (and How 3 Minutes a Week Really Could Change Your Life)

Published on March 1, 2013,

We’ve published several stories about High Intensity Interval Training and are very interested in the potential on health and wellbeing that short periods of exercise seem to offer. One of the pioneers of the approach is Dr Jamie Timmons, professor of systems biology at Loughborough University in the UK, whose work was covered in a BBC Horizon documentary last year which raised popular awareness of HIIT. This video is a lecture given by Professor Timmons looking in more detail about the realities of exercise and public health as well as giving much more insight into HIIT and how it can benefit you…

Yet again, the advice we are all being given is at best ineffective and at worst completely inappropriate. Thankfully, there do appear to be better ways, as Professor Timmons explains.


For those who can’t spare a whole hour, here’s a trailer for the BBC’s “The Truth About Exercise”…

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And here’s a clip from the programme of Professor Timmons taking presenter Michael Moseley through a session if HIIT…

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